Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yeh Delhi he mere yaar

The dryness and dullness of APOGEE by the 4th day and the mess exploited tongues forced the secret seven( well there is neither anything secret about the seven nor did we go and solve secrets, it just sounds cool) to flee from this campus for a day. The question was where, and after much thinking, discussing, deliberating, pleading, we decided on the closest feasible destination. Delhi. The voyage started with the seven of us doing a disappearing act. Not more on this. Big brother is watching :P. It was 7 of us ... rather 6 n a half... Barbie, mojo, d2, cow, mcbhat(i would like to propose a new name for him...metro), me and of course the person who made the number non integral... pinky.

After some nerve racking minutes, we finally left pilani at around 3. The wait for a train in the midnight at a railway crossing in loharu was so childishly appealing. Then we got on to a really deserted route to delhi. And then we started with the ceremonial ghost story sessions featuring headless man, lady with totally white eyes, dejavu , dreams etc and the best being the one in which the lady ran alongside a car at 120kmph.

At around 5:45 the vehicle stopped at some dhaba. After a cup of tea our spirits were back in full throttle. From Gurgaon till the end of our destination, there was a series of songs murdered by us... starting from the “dinga dinga dinga dinga......” of rang de basanti. As this was my first trip to Delhi ( rather second, my mom told me that my first birthday was celebrated in Delhi... strange piece of trivia), i was really glad that i got to see the best parts of delhi at first.

Destination 1 was India Gate. It was morning 7 and the place looked so majestic. We werent content enough from taking pics. After some time when our stomach started sending signals to brains and so we went in search for food and reached Connaught place at some 8 30.

As it was too early, no shop had opened till then and we could do nothing but gaze at the closed doors of countless McDs, pizzahuts, dominoes, CCDs, subways, KFC, subway, baristas etc. That was when we decided to take a metro ride to kashmiri gate and grab something to eat. We reached that place and reached a McD outlet. Our mental state was similar to war refugees. But in the greed of eating i (anvi was more responsible) ended up wasting a chicken burger.... utterly outrageous... can’t forgive myself for that :P.

In the meanwhile we didn’t notice that psychological impact caused by the metro ride on rohit. He persuaded us hard to drive on the red metro line. But coz he is tall and big, his childish tantrums were given no notice. We took a ride back to Connaught place.

It was 9:45 and the shops were still closed. We decided to go to red fort. After going through the monument we sat down in one of the gardens inside. It was then that Barbie started flirting with ... u know what.... a lawn mower . After doing that for some 20 minutes and realising the futility of his efforts, we finally left red fort to fill our tummies ... again :).

We found a way through the roads of chandini chowk(delhi6) to reach parawathe vali gali ( We went inside one of the shops and i was totally taken aback after looking at the menu. The varities of parawthe offered were unimaginable. We tasted 8 of them (paneer, rabdi, mirchi, mixed, gajar, poodina, papad and kharchin) followed by a big glass of lassi. The food was just amazing.

From there we left for Connaught place again. This time it was alive and active. We went inside the palika bazaar. We found people selling 250GB pendrives. There was another place which was giving out 3 tshirts for 100 bucks( Rs33.33 per tshirt). In the middle of this we won a bargaining fight for anvi. There was a weighing machine also and we found that anvi’s weight is half that of rohit :P. After this, KG joined us and we took the metro to go to rohini to reach the adventure and the joy on rohit’s face was radiating coz we had to travel on the red line. We reached rohini and had to wallk through some open land and around stinking waters to reach adventure island ( which was described by rikhsaw vaala as “chote bacho ke khelne ke jagah).

After taking the tickets, we went inside and went directly to an insanely scary ride (atleast for me,d2, Barbie and kg to some extent) called side winder. The craze of anvi towards this was too much. After her third trip over that there were speculations that anvi’s brain has taken a 180 degree turn inside and that she will start painting and will forget coding in C. In that place we also met one of the most impolite person that i have seen who refused to take our group pic(poor d2).

We left that place and rode back in the metro to reach CP. We took our cab and then KG directed us to heavenly hell. It was the Khan Market and we went in to a cafe to get chilled out. It was the BIG CHILL. We ordered a round of desserts. The prices were like a slap on the face( we took it costed us 100 bucks per head). What surprised us even more was the size of chocolate mudpie and the cheese cake that we ordered. It wasn’t big enough to even have a mouthful. But it was just too yummy. So much so, that the discussions in the drive from there to Gurgaon was totally based on that.

After burning holes in our pockets, there was a sudden realisation of the wickedness of the tongue. Barbie was especially disturbed by this. The fund of big chillu(the hole) by cow... the poem... Barbie calling chote bache harami... everything happened in this while. But the fundamental problem still remained... we were still hungry :). After dealing with our upset driver, we made our way to the malls in gurgaon and got split up for KFC and Pizza hut. After burning our pockets a bit more, we left gurgaon at some 11 for pilani. It was a really tiring job to keep atleast one person awake next to driver. With some brave acts from saransh, ajay and rohit the driver could be kept awake. This driver had a unique set of songs like any other driver. It had comments on the songs as interlude. With tired body and mind we finally reached pilani at 3oclock completing exactly 24 hours of maverickism. We had to do the appearing act this time. Finally the trip came to an end.

Thanks to a lovely weather, planless decisions and the wittiness of the secret seven which made 27 march 2009 a special day and the trip a no regrets trip.

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