Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4 Years 42 Things

  1. APOGEE rocks.
  2. Number of people who do not know bathroom manners are >= 1/12. #blackthunder.
  3. How cheap are you on a scale of 0 to D (D referring to a certain person who takes extra interest in your belongings at the end of a semester)?
  4. More the number of vocal chords, the better a cricket match.
  5. There is a pelican drawn inside glider’s club hangar.
  6. Top of the clock tower is the coolest place on campus. Figuratively. Literally.
  7. Kramer is the best sitcom character.
  8. Switchfoot \m/s
  9. Maida is used for making structure by Informalz and for making Bhatura by mess bhaiyas.
  10. Back IC in the night is the best place to celebrate birthdays.
  11. There exists a club which is responsible for making medals for fests.
  12. Khetri is haunted.
  13. CSK has the highest win percent.
  14. Illads are narcissists.
  15. There is a magazine in library which tells you about the latest television hindi sops.
  16. Taste of Maggi is dependent on the place where it is served.
  17. You are bound to receive the same gift again by then end of four years. #PigeonHolePrinciple
  18. There is a secret underground kitchen in cnot . All paneer dishes in cnot are made there.
  19. Never let truth come in the middle of a good story.
  20. “Dude!” sounds more genuine if pronounced with a heavier base.
  21. CGPA matters.
  22. C6:A7::Joginder Sharma:Dale Steyn
  23. Slap bets is the coolest form of betting.
  24. If you are good at something, don’t do it for free.
  25. MAMO is rigged since B dude is not allowed to participate.
  26.  All conversations end with “Lite ra!”.
  27. The guy who fixes electric poles knows more about three phase current than I #ES1.
  28. Everyone in last four years has played a prank or has been played with.
  29. Cricbuzz updates faster than Cricinfo.
  30. At any point of time, the number of BITSians inside Forum Mall, Bangalore >=2.
  31. Ego is directly proportional to CGPA. CGPA is directly proportional to Ego. #chickeneggchicken.
  32. My biggest enemy on campus – Segmentation Fault.
  33. Bitsian Tshirts - Wardrobe Malfunction.
  34. Malai Masala at UCO redi is the best snack on campus.
  35. EEE CDCs are over hyped.
  36. Don't give advice to your students - they may listen! #shanb.
  37. Every semester passes faster than the previous one.
  38. Every batch seems worse than the previous one.
  39. Pappuji wears false teeth.
  40. Museum is the Disneyland of Pilani.
  41. There exists a mafia which tears off nets from windows at the end of 2nd semester.
  42. is the right answer. Maybe you are asking the wrong question.

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