Thursday, January 29, 2009


Although in relative terms, 19 is not a big figure but in absolute sense it is surely a big time. And this is the end of my final teen year. But somewhere i am still that teen. The rebellious in me is still a spark away from explosion. And suddenly this realisation of my expected maturity makes me feel a bit robbed.

                When i sit and write down this, my past flashes back. My home, my school,  my old friends... everything... it just makes me realise that i had no less than an awesome 19 years of my life till now. And the dullness of sorrows and pains are so miniscule on the colourful piece of my history, that i really wanna thank God for this favour.

                Even though my soul cries in rebellion to the reality that it is time for me to “grow up”, i have no option but to grow up. I have realised now that even my smallest action is so consequential in my life and in the life of others unlike how it was when i was younger.

                In the midst of all this economic jeopardy, my future, for the first time, looks like a struggle. But i love uncertainties. Its a nice getaway from boredom. And i think its the remnant teen in me which makes me enjoy my own plight.

                With totally uncertain days ahead, life looks challenging. But i know there is one person up there who would be looking down and smiling at me., like the way i would have smiled at a small kid struggling with his shoe lace and finding it the biggest problem of his life. This one reason forces me not to be worried about anything. And it reminds me of the first Bible verse which i learnt:

Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want

Friday, January 23, 2009

Genetically "Informalz "

Genetically "Informalz "

A ray of light, screeched through the pipe

And woke me up to a nightmare nigh

My alarm failed, i woke up late

My job interview 5 minutes ahead


Chewed a gum, toothbrush was luxury

Combed my hair in pain and fury

Suit and tie would have taken long

Was comfortable in my tshirt and shorts


Rushed and hurried to reach that room

Saw nervous creatures, as if down with flu

The last call for my name screamed out

Expected a storm in this drought


The grey heads gaped in shock

‘twas too much for that flock

They stretched out their hand to check their pulse

Coz they found me in INFORMALZ!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who am i part II

This is one question which has grappled scholars, philosophers, vetti (velle) people over the years. This really shows the importance of this question. What is more amazing is to know that we still don’t know definitely about our own self. If the question was biological, i think we have the answer to this question. But call it curiosity or anything else; we still wanna know more about our origin. Obviously scientists have got leads in some directions. But we still don’t wanna get convinced by the answer. Its not the mathematics of big bang which can satisfy the emotional question of who we are (there is a clear mismatch). I don’t know what others think... and am myself not so equipped to answer such questions. But i have my own theory (if u can call it that :P). The things that i see happening around me yells at me to believe that the presence of a supernatural is inevitable. I really love the lyrics of a very cute song :


Every tiny star

That twinkles in the night sky

Every drop of morning dew.               

Every spark of fire

Blazing in the furnace

Every captivating view

Every rainbow in the sky,         

Every pretty butter-fly

Tells the fascinating news to

Those who dare to hope   

And the message is

God still loves the world



Although this song doesn’t have anything in it to prove the existence of God but still, for me, the very simplicity and something else in it makes me feel that this world without God will be dry and hollow and impossible.

In this fight of theism versus atheism, it always so happens that we tend to defend one over the other by using better superlatives and it turns out to be a fight between adjectives, adverbs and illustrations.

There is no answer to this question which might satisfy different kinds of people all alike. There is another thought which comes to my mind often. Why is it necessary that we should be able to understand everything? May be our brains are not capable enough to answer all questions that come to us. You can’t make a monkey understand cosmic science... then why cant this same thing apply to us.

I know this post sounds very confusing. But frankly speaking, i find this question very simple. I guess  because i have stopped at an explanation to this, and i am so much awed by it, that i don’t feel like losing my peace that i have by living in that explanation. Sounds irrational, but i prefer peace.  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who am i part I

Even after the superiority of the human race over all other living beings, it is still perplexed by one question time and again. “who am i"?
There are some reasons why you might troubled by such questions:

1. short term amnesia: ya ya this idea is a bit filmy but it explains the given condition especially in case of people like deva :P. the condition is very easy  to understand. In this the victim suddenly forgets everything and then ends up asking this question to himself- " mai kaun hu ?" :P. for people having this trouble, the best treatment is that they should carry their ID card or drivers license with them, and as soon as they get troubled by this question, they should take a big paper and their ID card and should start writing their own name as an imposition, till the body starts cursing the brain for popping up this question. And of course i ruled out tattooing as an option already.

2. Nothing else to ask oneself: For some reasons we often pop up questions which hav inconclusive answers for the sake of it coz, well, they can keep u engaged for a longer time and their answers actually don’t affect ur life at all. Hey such people actually don’t need an answer. Having an answer will only spoil a medium to run out of boredom.

3. People who found an answer: these are the people who found the answer some way or the other but are uncomfortable with too much of knowledge and so they keep popping these questions.

4. People who really need to know who they are: I really sympathise with u people :P. My next post... just for u.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The story of a swimmer( Michael Phelps) and an elephant( Bahujan Samaj Party)

Hey people i have not gone nuts. It’s just a satirical piece of text aimed at ... doing nothing.... i know irrespective of whatever i write, nothing is gonna change. Stll for the fun of it....


I know this is crazy times crazy but.... imagine. Suddenly one day Mr. Michael phelps suddenly makes up his mind to take up Indian nationality. This was after his manager(who is from Indian origin(say))  told him about the money and endorsments that abhinav bindra received when he won a single gold medal. Then it didn’t take him much time to do the math(for 8 gold) .

                He comes to India amidst a fervid croud. The very next day he is stormed by the Indian media. There is breaking news flashed in India TV “Michael Phelps pees before going to sleep”. The whole media goes lunatic. He is seen shooting an ad film for “fair and handsome”. The following day he gets an offer from big boss which he declines, citing claustrophobia. He is offered the post of “honorary fitness trainer” for the Indian cricket team. He is seen showing appearances in all possible reality shows. He agrees to be a judge alongside our maverick Mr. Siddhu in the next season of great Indian laughter challenge (of course along with a translator (the funny part is, after a participant used to tell a joke, translator used to translate it for him and after that he used to laugh, siddhu used to laugh all along the translation and beyond until phelps stopped laughing :P :P)). His ultimate moment of glory comes when he is asked to participate in some dance reality show along with his new girlfriend rakhi sawant. Basking on his popularity he accepts the offer made by BSP(Bahujan Samaj Party, Mayawati’s party) to stand against our former PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee from lucknow. Sadly he doesn’t win(coz he has lesser grey hairs). In all this, he forgot to dive into the pool for months. And by the time London Olympics comes, Indian swimmers can swim faster than him(of course that was an exaggeration) . He is booked by the cops for drug trafficking(a plot by some envious politician). He frees out on bail. Finally he takes a ticket to US. Buys an apartment in Memphis and announces his retirement from the world.

                Moral of the story: haathi(BSP’s symbol) ke daant khane ke aur, aur dikhane ke aur :P. And please don’t surf through the TV channels when you go home for vacations, coz it might inspire you to write junk like this.

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