Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cookie Conundrum

The following is a conversation between two kids trying to figure out whether they should join a start up or the market leader  in the same domain. Feast on!

KB: You know what, in my company, you actually get to taste the sugar to find out how much would be great to put in the biscuits that we make.

SK: Cool! But we at my place have done research on all sugars possible and hence have a very clear idea about the quantity to sweetness ratio.

KB: Thats so uncool. So, you are trying to tell me that in your company you don't get to taste sugar. 

SK: But isn't it great, cause we get to work with the most diverse assortment of sugars to chose from, without having to bother about what works and what doesnt

SK: BTW your company just makes glucose biscuits right? In my company, in addition to glucose biscuits, we make cream biscuits, choclate cookies, and even icecream sandwiches. Can you beat that.

KB: That's my point precisely. Your company has grown so big that I as an employee can add no new value in it. I can whip some cream and put it between two of my glucose biscuits and vola, I just made a new product for my company. What exactly is your role in your company?

SK: I am in the recipe development team man. I have to read these old recipes and understand the yolk to egg white ratio in the egg whipped for our cakeiscuit (cake + biscuit) product which my company is planning to launch next quarter. What about you? 

KB: Man I am making the whole barter by myself. I am the captain of my soul and the master of my biscuit. 

SK: BTW I heard your team doesn't have a Quality Assurance team.

KB: Ya we guys test our biscuits at every step of processing. From tasting the wheat to tasting the floor, we just do it on our own. Everytime we need, we just check the taste while we are cooking.

SK: Oh!! We have a whole dedicated team to taste the biscuits and validate it. BTW have you thought what would happen to your career if people don't like your biscuits? I have a very stable career in that way.

KB: But imagine how many free biscuit packets I would receive when the company goes public and starts selling in plastic bags.

SK: hmm... Thats true... Free biscuits... thats something i can never resist.

Disclaimer - Any resemblance to the networking industry is totally unintentional. Its a figment of your imagination. Please don't re read the post after reading this disclaimer.
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