Sunday, December 27, 2009

Completing a moment

So often we miss an upbeat rythm or celtic music in the background to complete a moment. Was watching some parts of the movie metro and suddenly got into a nap of imagination.

Just imagine a band of musicians carrying mouth organ, a violin and an acoustic guitar following you everywhere waiting to complete a moment.

Imagine what if the drums start rolling and “highway to hell” starts playing in the midair as soon as we come out of our examination hall.

Or imagine the life falling into slow motion as soon as you hit a six in gully cricket.

Imagine the atmosphere change into sepia mode as soon as one starts recounting good old school days sitting with friends.

Imagine getting hold of a camera every time a kid gives a cute smile or when the sun just perfectly hides behind a cloud.

Moments come and go. Life splashes new colours almost everyday. Wish it rained whenever we felt like it, to make these colours the precise tinge of blue which makes our heart all nostalgic.

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