Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Other Salman Khan

This Salman Khan doesn’t like removing his shirt for no good reason, has 3 degrees from MIT (BS in Mathematics, BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering) and one from Harvard( MBA) and has left his job at a hedge fund to teach school kids.

Salman Khan is a Bangladeshi American born to a Bangladeshi father and an Indian mother. He started of his teaching career when he started helping out his cousins in their school curriculum. He started posting 10 minute video tutorials on YouTube so that his cousins could have a look. Over the time, he started getting a good number of hits on his videos. So much so that it caught Bill Gates' attention. Now he has a $2 million support from Google to create more content and translation of content to other prominent languages of the world.

 He featured in TED in 2011 where he tells how a hedge fund analyst got into teaching kids.

I have been viewing some of his videos on finance and economics and they have been really enlightening. It is kind of eureka feeling when you come across something like this. It was as if you were looking for it all along but didn’t know where you might stumble across this thing.

Check out his webpage for some insane number of videos:
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