Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taste of Success

     It was 3:30 PM on 12th April. The last working day of the week. I was ambling around in the lab, working on a customer case, removing and inserting devices on my network device. 
It had been a hard week. The wait for IIM Calcutta result was keeping me on the edge. I had called IIM Ahmedabad admissions office a few days back and they had told that the result would be anounced in the third week. 12th April was comfortablly within the second week. Hence people (with 'people' I refer to the unusually high number of mad people on pagalguy.com) didn't bother to check IIM A website. All the action was on the IIM Calcutta thread. Rumor had it that the result would be out on 10th April. Historically the old IIMs anounced the result on this day. IIM Bangalore came on 10th. Come 11th April; Go 11th April; No IIM C result. The whole result wait had taken an emotional toll on me. 
So here I was, 3:30 PM in Cisco lab, working on my device. I casually open the IIM C facebook group for an update on IIM C result. There was an update alright, but not of C but A. IIM A result was out! Chill ran down my spine. It was the same feeling which one gets while driving and seeing a pedestrian come in front of you from nowhere. I quickly opened the link and checked. This is what I saw.

I refreshed the page a zillion time. I read this page a zillion time. I read the text again and again to make sure it means what it means.

The rest of the day was consumed in calling people, meeting people, eating an awesome cake and treating friends. Surprisingly I had a searing headache. The kind of headache which one gets after pulling an all-nighter. It was my head asking me to sleep. The head had been awake since quiet a few days amidst all the speculation, analysis, nervousness and nail biting. It was time to finally sleep like a baby.

April 12th is a milestone in my story. So is 9th January when I got a nice CAT score. And so is 30th May (not very confident of the date) when I stared at the computer screen on a hot afternoon in Ahmedabad (Yes. Ahmedabad!) in my BITSAT admission centre and it showed my score as 390 on 450.

So what does success taste like?
It tastes like a piping hot tea served after a hard day's work. It takes time to kick in. But it does its job well.

This Part of my life, this little part, is called Happyness.

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