Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"hello world"

In the sudden impulse of getting myself more audibly vocal, here i am writing the first blog of my life. If anybody is inquisitive about why my blog is named this, this is the explanation. “Let there be light” is the statement delivered by God which was instrumental in getting light in this world( wish along with this statement, if Bible would have declared light as a wave or particle, then it would have surely led our present day physics to shrink considerably). This title is also inspired from the catch line of a show in a TV news channel which says “We will shed light and not generate heat”. This whole blog is dedicated to my personal desire to see a smile on each and every living soul on this planet, and to make the slightest bit of difference which my ficklest piece of humour might bring about in your happiness quotient.
To start off with my blogging demeanour, here i am with the clich├ęd “if i weres...”. In a series of posts i would like to fit into the shoes, socks and brains of some of the most amusing characters of this world. I am sure by the end of this series you will realise how ‘vetti’ i am during holidays. Hope u like it. Please pardon me if i sound juvenile, it’s just that i don’t wanna grow up soon. And pu-h-lease post in some comments.
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