Wednesday, December 31, 2008

if i were BILL GATES

If i were BILL GATES:
What comes to your mind when you listen to the word “gates”? “windows” right? I am often puzzled whether this architectural association is a mere coincidence (hey i am not justifying my bad PJ). Here i am, hoping, to be a person, who, in the past decade or two, has become synonymous to wealth. And whenever i wish i were him, the first thing that comes to my mind is the sight of me jumping like Mr. Scrooge in a closet full of riches.
The first thing i would do if i suddenly find myself impersonating this money minting factory, is to calculate my assets at that particular point of time. Then i will try to figure out the rate of change of my assets and the differential equation (Legendre, hypergeometric, Bessel’s etc.) which resembles my asset possession to the closest. Then will try to create a program which will give me my asset status at a particular moment of time(i heard he earns 5$ every minute) ... Phew!!! This is what studying engineering can do. It can make you a nerd(btw i am getting D in math3).
After all this when i would have convinced myself that i am in possession of a decent amount of dosh under my belt, i will make the list of things which i would be doing with the money that i have
These are the few thing that are going through my head:
1. I will be ready to give as much aid as required for research in the field of teleportation. Man, I am really bugged up with the bus travel from pilani to Udaipur.
2. Asking the taj group to take over the management of hostels and messes in BITS( i am sure i will become ACB ‘by choice’
3. Buying a lot of crude oil now and filling up my swimming pools with that, coz the real estate business is really slump and the gold prices are sky rocketing and u never know when the oil prices might jump.
4. Buy google, generally, coz i like the google logo and people say google is cool.
5. Get a bus and visit the campus, and make the placement department go crazy with elation.
In all this i was wondering how weak money is. Although it can buy me what i want but it cant fulfil the need for buying that. If there were some imaginary market where peace could have been bought, i would have spent everything to get peace back into this earth and our lives. But sadly(thankfully rather) money is big enough to buy only pleasure and not peace. It cant buy back the mental and physical damage caused to a rape victim. It cant get late major Unnikrishnan (martyr in Mumbai terror attack) back to life. I guess we all have heard these things time and again, and thats why at times we become very numb to the destruction that money can cause to relations, peace, contentment etc. Since prehistoric days money was only a means of transaction and nothing more and the day it becomes more than that in my life, i know i would be taking a joyful ride to HELL.
I respect Mr. Gates because he is the biggest philanthropist in the world. But then i pity him. There is one statement which i use so freely and he cant and that is ...”i have nothing to lose”. I am happy and content as sushant koshy and if at all someday i become as big as him (sounds funny?? I know) i hope i remember to read all that i have written now.
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