Monday, June 8, 2009

The Hexagon

More than half a month is over of my stay in Hyderabad. Well the most intriguing of the things here has been our interactions with the autowallahs. More about that in the next post.

                First of all the intro of the people who are concerned with the next post.



Abhinav- a geek from ’06 batch. His interest in movies( wasn’t it robotics some time back?) brought him here. He says he will be working under a gult director. But since the last 10 days he has done nothing but watched scores of movies and gave rest of us his piece of mind and intelligence. Tell you what his ideas are dangerous to the society, an anti social in the making :P .


Anshul – i don’t know how many of you would have noticed him in the music night but the next time you go for please spare one sight for this winnie the pooh lookalike standing like a fielder in slip position, but behind a keyboard. A wanna be rockstar, is presently getting medicated in his PS station along with his sweetheart Arun. An addict with the guitar, spends endless torturous ( for us) hours ‘picking up’ songs.


Phani – an instant hit with the girls in his PS mostly because of his gult identity. After a brawl with Arun in the very first night, he admitted that he got caught up with the wrong people. Sorry buddy there is no escape. He right now has a crush on the sofa in our room. Usually comes back from his PS with a lighter wallet after burning of money in McDs, subway, ohri’s, satya sai tiffin centre and what not (mrinal at fault). We have even composed a song on him “mera ek dost he jiska naam he Phani”.


Mrinal – he is the mother of our household. He has got some really liking for mangoes. Spends most of his time with his guitar and plays naagin over and over again, trying to catch the attention of the female population in the opposite building. He managed one of the girls to take more than half an hour in drying clothes. I seriously don’t understand the secret of his X factor. He has a big database about all the religions and cults of this world. I don’t know how much of it sensible, but his intensity about knowledge spreading is so high that he took time out to explain what bible is all about to me.


Arun – we usually don’t see his weekend edition coz he runs away to his uncle’s place almost always. Supposedly he is teaching his cousin. This guy has got some nick in filth word diction. We are really fond of the moments when he gets into a bad words escapade. He has some allergy with water and rarely takes bath even after visiting the drug plants. Please come back Arun, Anshul is missing u a lot.


And ofcourse the sixth edge is me. More in the next post.

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