Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ha so one more week over. And EXEX showed its face again this weekend. For your vocabulary’s sake EXEX stands for Expenditure Explosion. Till now i faced exex mostly during our college fests and saw it peak during our department trip to Delhi. But after coming to Hyd, exex has become a weekly affair( rather a weekend affair)and has stuck to me like a pest. And the last weekend was the heights when i spent 3 quarter of a grand on just appetitory pleasures and mind you, i am a teetotaller.

Sunday dinner was at Ohri’s, the best eatery chain in Hyd. And this time we were for a cave experience. The dining place had a cave setting. It looked remarkable. After ‘trying’ to put up something like a cave as a structure last oasis(sorry mojo for being blunt), i must say that this place looked very much like a cave. Other than the rocky walls( plaster of paris i guess) , hanging fire torches and chains along with the dim lighting gave it a complete gothic aura.

To top it all, the waiters had a shikari shambu (does it ring a ‘tinkle’) attire. The menu was like any other high end restaurants with confusing dishes and poverty inducing prices. The food was nothing too special, was good enough.

In all the gufaa was worth an experience.

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