Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few hours in Ahmedabad

After a 24 hour journey in train, i halted at Ahmadabad for a few hours before leaving home. The start of the wait was excruciating, having to stand in the railway station, waiting in the swarm of people. Firstly the junta, including me, were chased of the station lobby and then i survived a life threatening scare of raining stones from the station building. The wait was prolonged when i had to stand in front of vipin’s(my old good friend) apartment for another hour.

But the wait was fruitful for sure coz the rest of the three hours i ended up spending with vipin and prabuddh( another old good school friend) was really great. One good thing that i happen to share with my school friends over bitsian friends is a sense of openness and an absence of sanity.

We dropped off for a cup of coffee at a cafe in the backyard of some building opposite IIM campus. The place is supposedly owned by some mobster and serves one hell of a coffee. I don’t know whether its just me, but i always think coffee and conversations really go along well.

After a stroll we went to this place called zodiac (the ambience was themed on zodiac signs) for our dinner. For a head start, vipin is one person who can get you embarrassed because of his actions in all possible ways and in any place. And he was on his peak that day. Over and above using cheap filthy language( i mean, come on, you can use English for a change even in filth if the locale asks you to) he even made us listen to his poems. When a group of girls came and sat on the next table, he pointed towards them and shouted out “dekha!!!”(trying to point out that Ahmadabad ranks high on face value of females). He summed it all up by stealing the waiter’s tip by reasoning that it is already included in the bill.

At the end of the dinner we left and i boarded my bus back home. But i really cherished the moments i spent with the two remembering the happy old school days and our coaching class.

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