Friday, December 31, 2010

R.I.P. 2010

When I was standing in the church, savoring the initial few moments of another year, little did i know that, for me, this was going to be the most exciting of all the revolutions that the planet earth did previously. Of all that I have learnt over the last year, the realisation of my quarter life crisis has been the prime.
I am a nostalgia junkie and have a fetish for recording my happenings in one form or the other. Hence I have the obsessive habit of writing memoirs. And hence this post.

2010 was an year which I might probably not easily forget. I am sure all my fellow compscites who had their 3-2 in 2010 will agree. I remember those freezing days of early January when we had one more thing to talk about other than the weather; 3 idiots. “Give me some sunshine” was a phrase which suffered from death-due-to-cliché-isation. It was the coldest winter I ever faced.

Come the end of January and we were all (A7ites) neck deep in the puddle of assignments. The night before the first PLCC(Programming Language and Compiler Construction) assignment submission is highlighted with the brightest color possible in my memory map. An hour before 12PM(submission time), with Prashanth trying hard to make the code closest to a spot from where a miracle might not seem something too much to ask, I was sitting on the floor of his room with my head dug deep between my legs. This was just the start to a semester where after a point of time, I used to feel glad to find myself and my wingies alive when I woke up. In the middle of all this, SRT’s 200 was a breath of fresh air. Watching or rather following a match in a lab was annoyingly unique.

APOGEE 2010 was another thing which has left a strong impact on me. It was probably the fest which I enjoyed the least in my BITSian life. Ironically, it was this fest which taught me things which no B school can teach in a manner so emphatic.  Now when I look back and remember the unmanageable, overflowing crowd for Brainteasers& Wordstock and Bulb, I wonder how popular we ( Informalz (hypothetical long-distance hi-5 guys :P) ) are.

The other highlight of the time on campus was those three days when everyone suited up. There were people who looked beautiful, others who were sheer clumsy, but they were all happy (very happy, sigh). The number of photographs taken in those 3 days must have been a record of some sort (atleast in Pilani :P).
By the time I left campus on 15th May, I had enough of it. The heat, consys, mess food etc was too much to bear. And off I went, first to home then to a vacation in Kerala followed by my half a year hiatus at Bangalore.

When I arrived in Bangalore in July, I was excited. The few initial days, where one tried to find out every little details of their own PS station and their friends', went on well. Pilani rarely crossed my mind. However with august came the realisation of solitude. It was extremely frustrating to find myself away from the entire hustle bustle on campus. August for me meant department (Informalz) recruitment and nothing more. On the contrary I was trying to come to terms with a life which demanded order and its close sister, boredom. I realised that one feels most lonely in a crowded place. All malls look and smell the same. After sleep, traffic eats up your time the most. The cost of a meal is not directly proportional to its taste. Office people crack the poorest joke. Coffee is bliss. DC++ is awesome. Loose Change is as hard to get as in Pilani. And much more.

The final few days of this year in Udaipur have been the best I could have asked. The time at home and the time with my old friends was really refreshing.

2010 is over. I find myself older. I want to thank God for this year. 
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