Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Human Network Software Engineer

If I were to draw a graph on my life with time as the x axis and success as y axis, I would end up drawing a sinusoidal curve. The best part of it is that I have always hit the peak when it mattered. With regard to my BITSian life, the two major peaks include my entry into BITS (a hefty BITSAT score) and my exit (getting placed in Cisco Systems).

Getting placed in Cisco is something which I dreamt of the whole of last semester. During Practise School, I used to live in BTM layout and my PS station was in Marathahalli. Every day while travelling on my company bus to office, I would cross the cisco campus. One random day, while sitting in the bus, I prayed a small prayer, asking God to help me get a job in that company. And before I could realize, this start became a habit and I found myself uttering this one line prayer every day. It’s funny and amazing how things work out. Praise God!!!

The popular view on campus and the monetary benefits has forced me really hard into using my dream job option and sit for another company. However, I am a religious man and I think if God answered my prayer, it must be His will that I join cisco. Let His will be done. 
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