Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The story of a swimmer( Michael Phelps) and an elephant( Bahujan Samaj Party)

Hey people i have not gone nuts. It’s just a satirical piece of text aimed at ... doing nothing.... i know irrespective of whatever i write, nothing is gonna change. Stll for the fun of it....


I know this is crazy times crazy but.... imagine. Suddenly one day Mr. Michael phelps suddenly makes up his mind to take up Indian nationality. This was after his manager(who is from Indian origin(say))  told him about the money and endorsments that abhinav bindra received when he won a single gold medal. Then it didn’t take him much time to do the math(for 8 gold) .

                He comes to India amidst a fervid croud. The very next day he is stormed by the Indian media. There is breaking news flashed in India TV “Michael Phelps pees before going to sleep”. The whole media goes lunatic. He is seen shooting an ad film for “fair and handsome”. The following day he gets an offer from big boss which he declines, citing claustrophobia. He is offered the post of “honorary fitness trainer” for the Indian cricket team. He is seen showing appearances in all possible reality shows. He agrees to be a judge alongside our maverick Mr. Siddhu in the next season of great Indian laughter challenge (of course along with a translator (the funny part is, after a participant used to tell a joke, translator used to translate it for him and after that he used to laugh, siddhu used to laugh all along the translation and beyond until phelps stopped laughing :P :P)). His ultimate moment of glory comes when he is asked to participate in some dance reality show along with his new girlfriend rakhi sawant. Basking on his popularity he accepts the offer made by BSP(Bahujan Samaj Party, Mayawati’s party) to stand against our former PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee from lucknow. Sadly he doesn’t win(coz he has lesser grey hairs). In all this, he forgot to dive into the pool for months. And by the time London Olympics comes, Indian swimmers can swim faster than him(of course that was an exaggeration) . He is booked by the cops for drug trafficking(a plot by some envious politician). He frees out on bail. Finally he takes a ticket to US. Buys an apartment in Memphis and announces his retirement from the world.

                Moral of the story: haathi(BSP’s symbol) ke daant khane ke aur, aur dikhane ke aur :P. And please don’t surf through the TV channels when you go home for vacations, coz it might inspire you to write junk like this.

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