Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who am i part I

Even after the superiority of the human race over all other living beings, it is still perplexed by one question time and again. “who am i"?
There are some reasons why you might troubled by such questions:

1. short term amnesia: ya ya this idea is a bit filmy but it explains the given condition especially in case of people like deva :P. the condition is very easy  to understand. In this the victim suddenly forgets everything and then ends up asking this question to himself- " mai kaun hu ?" :P. for people having this trouble, the best treatment is that they should carry their ID card or drivers license with them, and as soon as they get troubled by this question, they should take a big paper and their ID card and should start writing their own name as an imposition, till the body starts cursing the brain for popping up this question. And of course i ruled out tattooing as an option already.

2. Nothing else to ask oneself: For some reasons we often pop up questions which hav inconclusive answers for the sake of it coz, well, they can keep u engaged for a longer time and their answers actually don’t affect ur life at all. Hey such people actually don’t need an answer. Having an answer will only spoil a medium to run out of boredom.

3. People who found an answer: these are the people who found the answer some way or the other but are uncomfortable with too much of knowledge and so they keep popping these questions.

4. People who really need to know who they are: I really sympathise with u people :P. My next post... just for u.

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